The ERA Task Force AZ has assembled a list of businesses, local or otherwise, who support the Equal Rights Amendment.  Arizona could be pivitol in becoming the 38th and last state needed to pass this historic Constitutional Amendment giving women long sought constitutional equality.  Business should be especially favorable to the ERA because as the Economist estimated in 2018, advancing women's equality could add $12 trillion to the global GDP by 2025.  Here in the U.S. it's between $2.1 trillion and $4.3 trillion in the next decade.  If every state and city made progress toward gender parity they could add at least 5% to their own economies.  Half of the U.S. states can add more than 10%.  No wonder U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios says, "It's not a gender issue, it's about the economy."

As the National Partnerwhip for Women and Families reported, there is a $7,029 wage gap in Arizona.  Arizona women who are employed full time lose nearly $6 billin dollars every year due to the wage gap.  The gap in Arizona ranges from 81 cents per dollar for Asian women, to 64 cents per dollar for African American women, to 46 cents per dollar for Native American women.  It's not only unfair, it's bad for the economy, for business, and for families.

Below is a list of our supporters.  We have categorized the Business section to make it easier for your to find what you need.  We also provide an alphabetical list of organizations, and a separate list for the Religious/Secular/Spiritual communities.  

Thanks to everyone for their support!



Neko Case

Duck and Decanter Restaurant  

Frances Causey, Director, Documentary Filmmaker  

· The Long Shadow,

· Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?,

· Is Your STORY Making You Sick?, 

Ours Is The Land, 

Crescent Ballroom 


Green New American Vegetarian 


Los Olivos Mexican Patio 

 No Festival Required Independent Cinema  

Steve Weiss 

 Stateside Presents 

Civia Tamarkin, Journalist/Documentary Filmmaker Birthright:  A War Story, Tamarkin Productions, 


RETAIL/HOME based/local community/contract services/COMPUTER GRAPHICS/ART

 Charity Charms 


 IndieLocks Hair Salon Scottsdale, 

Goodman Interior Structures

Adam Goodman, President & CEO 

 Jeannie's Grooming 

 Local First Arizona 


Meneese Wall Artwork

Morris Tutoring Assoc. Inc. 

Noble Beast 

Olson Construction, South Dakota 

 Radical Metal Boutique & Custom Jewelry Designs


 Catherine Scrivano, CASCO Financial Group 

 Kerri Jones, Realtor 

 Jeff Brodin

 Patrice Horstman

 Hufford, Horstman, Mongini, Parnell and Tucker PC, 

 Paula Cullison 


 Radix Law Firm, Scottsdale 

 Sue Marceau, Writer/Journalist 

 Tammy Bosse

Boss Properties, Scottsdale 

 The Talent Store, Tucson

Recruiting & Consulting 

Charles G. Carter

Financial Planner

Camelback Retirement Planners



 Deborah Klinkefus, DDS


Michelle Lee

Athena Rising Now, LLC



 Stetson Chiropractic 

 T Falcon Napier & Assoc., Inc.,

 Institute for Productive Tension,


 Tania Gerard

 Congruency Coach 

city & state community

 Black Chamber of Commerce of Arizona

Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


AAUW (American Association of University Women),


Alliance for Retired Americans,

Arizona Business & Professional Women,

Arizona Coalition for Change,

Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence,

Arizona Federation of Democratic Women,

Arizona List,

Arizona NOW,

Arizona YWCA,

Atlas Justice Center,

AZ Celebrates the 19th Amendment,

Black Lives Matter Arizona,

Black Woman of Arizona,

Center for Neighborhood Leadership,

Central Arizona National Lawyers Guild,

Central Phoenix Inez Casiano NOW,

Culture Reframed,

East Valley NOW,

Equality Arizona,

ERA Task Force AZ,

Flagstaff Freethinkers,

Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix,

League of Women Voters,

NAACP of Arizona,

NASW (National Association of Social Workers) Arizona,

Peer Solutions,

Planned Parenthood,

Progress Now,

Protecting Arizona's Family Coalition (PAFCO),

Save Our Schools Arizona,

Sierra Club,

Sisterhood Extravaganza,

STAZ Advocacy Network,

Sun Cities/West Valley NOW,

We The People Summit, 




March 28, 2019


Let this statement show that we, Christian pastors and religious leaders, support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). We call on the Arizona Legislature to ratify the ERA immediately.

We endorse the ERA becoming the law of the land as a part of the U.S. Constitution: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

We reject the fear-based idea that the ERA has anything to do with abortion. All of us want to see abortion rates fall and yet we fully support the ERA – they are different issues.

We reject the fear-based idea that the ERA will erase the differences between men and women. Humans can be distinct and yet be safe from discriminatory laws.

We reject the position that “the deadline is passed” – rather, we say: do what is right, now is the time!

We reject any hesitation to the ERA on Christian religious grounds. Rather we uphold the biblical principle of the equality of all people: Galatians 3:28 says, “There is neither Jew nor Greed, there is neither slave nor free; nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

We reject the idea that we do not need the ERA because other laws already protect against sex discrimination. Rather, we hold that current laws are not strong enough and that the Constitution of the United States needs this amendment to guarantee all people equal protection – we need the ERA.

We reject the idea that this is a partisan issue. Rather, we insist that this is a common human issue. We represent a wide variety of Christian denomination, political parties, and voting tendencies. We put aside those (sometimes great) differences to support the ERA.

We call on the women and men of the Arizona House and Senate to break free from fear and partisanship. We call on you to stand. We call on you to do what is right. We call on you to help Arizona ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Sincerely Signed,

Rev. Dr. Matthew A. Rundio                                                                                Rev. Rick Wilson

Pastor, Scottsdale First Church of the Nazarene                                         Episcopal Church of St. Matthews

Scottsdale, Arizona                                                                                               Tucson, Arizona

Rev.  Kim Crecca                                                                                                       Rev. Dr. Andy Burnette, Senior Minister

Episcopal Church of St. Matthews                                                                     Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation                                                                       

Tucson, Arizona                                                                                                          Chandler, Arizona


Rev. Gerald P. Richard II, Esq                                                                         Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe

Phoenix, Arizona                                                                                                       Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson

Rev. Reginald D. Walton 

Senior Pastor 

Phillips Memorial CME Church Phoenix AZ

individual religious/secular/spiritual leaders support for the ERA


Rev. Dr. Matthew Rundio, Sr. Pastor

Scottsdale Nazarene Church

Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz 

Arizona Jews for Justice

Secular Coalition for Arizona 

Valley Unitarian Universalist 

Latino Caucus for the ERA

 "On behalf of the Arizona Latino Legislative Caucus, it is our pleasure to offer the attached proclamation in support of the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Our caucus

met on April 2nd, 2019, and unanimously voted to support the proclamation."   

~ Tony Navarrete and César Chávez


 "Thus, the Tribe urges you to put your full support behind SCR 1009, SCR 1006 and HCR 2030 and ratification of the ERA to ensure that both men and women receive full rights under the U.S. Constitution and across our Nation. "

~ Terry Rambler, Chairman