This ERA Task Force AZ website is full of information to help you learn about the Equal Rights Amendment, what you can do to help get it passed in Arizona, the many businesses and community organizations that support the Equal Rights Amendment, and much more.

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Though our coffers are sinking, we are NOT going to have a fundraiser. That means you don’t have to juggle your calendar, get a baby sitter, wonder what to wear, do your hair, and struggle through traffic to have a glass of wine and a chat. Instead, we are going to ask you to donate $20 or more by just hitting our “donate now” button. See how easy that was! 

Make AZ #38 and let us go down in history as bringing equality for all the women and girls in the U.S. now and in the future.

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They need to hear from YOU. Let them know how you feel about the Equal Rights Amendment. 

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There are many ways that you can help, volunteer, and spread the word. Find one that suits you. 

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Don't know what to say? Detailed instructions to get your message out to legislators or editors.

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