This ERA Task Force AZ website is full of information to help you learn about the Equal Rights Amendment, what you can do to help get it passed in Arizona, the many businesses and community organizations that support the Equal Rights Amendment, and much more.

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Feb 22, 2020:

The attorneys general from Nevada, Illinois, and Virginia filed a law suit in Washington, D.C. to ensure that the national archivist carries out his ministerial duties to register the ERA that has now achieved the required ratifications from 38 states.  Four other attorney generals who oppose the ERA have filed a motion to intervene in that lawsuit in D.C. and abandon the one they had earlier filed in Alabama since there was no "case or controversy" as required under the Constitution.  Those seeking to prevent women from being protected under the Constitution should at least follow it themselves.  

A celebration is scheduled for Richmond, VA on March 7th and 8th (International Women's Day). Representatives from the 12 unratified states will be present to continue the work to ensure that all 50 states ratify.  March is Women's History Month and AZ could make history by becoming a ratified state - Tell your Senator and two representatives that.  

Four opinion pieces were in papers around the state in February. Please continue to educate the public and to write to your local papers in favor of the ERA, both opinion pieces and letters to the editor. Tips for doing both and talking points are on the website.  

Our list of supportive businesses grows daily.  If you are the owner of a business, please email us to say YES put me on the list and give us the contact info that you want listed. We'll send you a decal for your window so you can make your belief for equality known.  If you go to a business, and who doesn't, ask every one you frequent to support the ERA by sending an email with the YES and their contact information.  Don't support businesses that don't support you.

A clergy group to support the ERA has been started by an evangelical minister so if you know of any clergy member from any faith who support equality, have them send us a letter to that effect and we can add them to the list.

If we can send a speaker to your group or you can host a gathering, let us know.  Also check out our facebook page for contacts and information.  If you want to keep up on what the ERA Task Force is doing, sign up on our action alert list by contacting Dianne Post by email: postdlpost@aol.com. We also need your donations to keep up our work.  It's your equality after all.   

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